US GP bombs Mk 81 LDGP, MK 81 SE, Mk 82 LDGP, MK 82 SE , Mk 82 R, MK 82 AIR, M117, M117 Air, MK 83 LDGP, MK 84 LDGP, MK 84 Air, M118 LDGP
Forgein GP bombs

Spanish bombs : (numbers = weight in kg)

ALD-250 (Mk 82), ASH-250 (retard fins), BR 250 (HE warhead), BRP 250 (retard fins), BRP.S 250 (retard fins low altitude), BRF 250 (Fragmentation warhead), BRFP 250 (FFrag + retard fins), BRFP.S250 (Frag + retard fins low altitude), BR 375 ( HE warhead), BRP 375 (retard fins), BRP.S 375 (retard fins low altitude), ALD-500 (MK 83), ASH-500 (retard fins), BR 500, BRP 500 (retard fins), BRP.S 500 (retard fins low altitude), BRF 500 (Frag warhead), BRFP 500 (Frag + retard fins), BRFP.S 500 (Frag + retard fins low altitude), BR 1000

French / German bombs : (250 kg)

SAMP 25ED (German version), SAMP 25FE (French version) Both versions : Fins equipped with parachutes giving high drag delivery option

UK bombs :

UK 540 lb, UK 1000 lb (various fuse and fin configurations)

Penetration bombs BLU-31
Fuel-Air explosives BLU-76 (2500 lb.)
Laser designation systems

AVQ-9 Pave Light (prototype system mounted on left rear canopy frame), AVQ-10 Pave Knife (only 6 pods build), AVQ-11 Pave Sword (only used by 2 aircraft), AVQ-23 Pave Spike (most used), AVQ-26 Pave Tack (night attack capability, 150 built but huge drag made it unpopular),

Israeli F-4 are equipped with local built designation pods.

Laser guided bombs

KMU-342 (based on M117 GBU designation not given),

Paveway I : GBU-12 (Mk 82 based), GBU-16 (Mk 83 based), GBU-10 (MK84 based)

Paveway II : pop-out wings (designation like Paveway I)

Paveway III : GBU-22 (Mk82 based), GBU-24 (Mk84 based), GBU-24 A (BLU-109 based)

Israel used/uses own bombs : Griffin (Mk82 - Mk 84 based), Guillotine (Mk82 + Mk83)

electro-optical and imaging infrared bombs

GBU-8 and GBU-9 based on Rockwells homing bomb seeker used in Vietnam

GBU-15 Maverick missile seekers fiited to MK84 bombs with large wing for control

Israeli bombs :

Rafael Pyramind :TV guided bomb based on MK82

Elbit Opher : IR guided bombs based on Mk82 and MK83 bombs

Fire Bombs

affectional called Napalm various version were used :

BLU-1 C, BLU-27, BLU-52, MK77

Cluster bombs

Many versions were ready for use on the F-4 (most had various combinations on the bomblets that could be used). Dispensers drop a string of bomblets while being kept on the aircraft. Cluster bombs are dropped like conventional bombs abd open at set conditions.

CBU-41, M30 cluster bomb, M129 cluster bomb, Mk7 cluster bomb, Mk23 Padeye, SUU-7 dispensers, SUU-13 dispeners, SUU-30 cluster bomb, SUU-34/36/37/38/41 dispensers, SUU-51 cluster bombs, SUU-54 cluster bombs, SUU-58 dispenser, SUU-64/65 cluster bomb

Forgein bombs : TAL cluster bomb (made by Rafael Israel), BL755 cluster bomb (UK made), Vertical ballistic weapon (VBW, tested for german F-4s but not used), Multi-purpose weapon MW-1 (bomblet dispenser for Tornado IDS, tested on F-4)

Underwater Mines Mk36, Mk40, Mk41 (Mk 80 series bombs fitted with special fuses)
unguided Rockets

2.75 in rockets various warheads

5 in. Zuni rockets various warheads

TBA 68 mm rockets (for UK F-4 various warheads)

Nuclear bombs B28, B43, B57, B61
ECM Pods ALQ-71(V) 1-4, ALQ-72, ALQ-81, ALQ-87(V)1-4, ALQ-88, ALQ-101(V)1-10, ALQ-119(long), QRC 80-01(V)-3+4, ALQ-119-short, ALQ-119(V)-medium, ALQ-120, ALQ131 deep + shallow, ALQ-184(V)1+2
Gun Pods

SUU-23 (gun gas driven), SUU-16 (ram-air turbine driven) both use the M61 Vulvan 20mm cannon

GAU-13 Pave Claw 30mm four barrel gatling gun based on the Avenger gun of the A-10. Not used on F-4

Air to Air missile AIM-4 (various versions), AIM-7 Sparrow (various versions), Sky Flash, Aspide, AIM-9 Sidewinder (various versions), AIM-120 AMRAAM, Shafir, Python 3, IRIS-T
Air to Surface missile AGM-12 Bullup, AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-62 Walleye, AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-78 Standard ARM, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-142 Popeye, Gabriel (Israeli anit-ship missile), ASM (versions 1+2 japanses ASM)
Recon pods Several recon pods could/cna be fitted to the F4. For example the LOROP pod.
Fuel tanks 370 Us-gal wing tanks, 600 US-gal centerline tank, 600 Us-gal F-15 centerline tanks stressed for higher g